Saturday, June 26, 2010

introducing NOTHING to SOMETHING

unite, be SOMETHING. achieve the gloryness together.....

don't just l00k at the closed doors.... dont be NOTHING

well, uh umm.. hey there, kinda sleepy here, well uh, t0m0rrow going back to saser~.

i'm feeling a bit afraid, a bit anxious. afraid cuz afraid to be scolded by the teachers.(well, i know, it occurs in every student's life, isn't it?)
anxious? why am i feeling anxious? anxious, NO NO , exegerated to study!
yeah, my passion is to keep study constantly, prefer the phrase that every scientist, no no every experts in the world, agreed that study smart is the best way.

cuz study smart:

1. no pressure.
2. not just FOCUSING O.O on academic
3. happy in life, know that u learned sumthin new. yeahh.

well, in saser, sum pe0ple study hard, MOST of them study smart, i think so. HAHA.
cuz, now days the scholarships are few, the students cemerlang gemilang terbilag are mounting. :P wow.
to compare the straight a students, all relly on ur curriculum activities, scharities, leaderships. yeah i know banyak nye.

but u can achieve all that from time to time.
every person has the chance to shine themselves.
ALLAH MAHA ADIL. he will not ever be heavyside(berat sebelah)(choosy) on who will success n not. all began at the same platform. NOTHING.

but to make nothing to SOMETHING, needs EFFORT.

just like how the ants work together to get the food.
no effort to work together,
no effort to get the food,
no effort to live,
no effort etc,

the answer is DIE. simple is it?

to me,
NOTHING= SIMPLE= BORINGNESS= n may ended up bec0me a l0ser, or poor. then dah tua baru nak sedar ' aiyoyo oh what have i done????'

stupid stupid -.-'

but all of that will never ever happen in saser, insyaallah. same as other SBP's, MRSM, other harian school.

cuz they teach us to learn n learn.
islam wanted us to learn.
i wanted to keep learning. there are many fields of knowledge. just choose one. then u'll meet wider fields of knowledge in the field. ok i know i started to be crazy, haha.

cuz actually i want to be LEGEND. aim high, well at least u wanna be SOMETHING rather than NOTHING, right? haha.


Friday, June 25, 2010

Introducing LOVE

i would like to say sorry for the grammatical error n spelling error

uh haha that's a picture i took from face book. ignore the writings, if u wanna read, read lah.

now,just look at the hearts, look at the title, get it? hahha. i know stupid joke.

every day i open my fb prrofile scrolling down the home page.... well, everyday i see most of my friens have conflicts with their boyfriend or girlfriends(plural for girls hehe). yes i know, sape suruh main add kawan je smpai 600++! tapi seronok ape bnyk kawan xD xknal pun tape, janji add je. haha. gila pemikiran ku.

but if ur an adult in the mating period, hehe, i mean.... f0r 20++ ok lah nak bercinta, but for the teenagers, omgod to them love is evrythin. what hapen to the youth now days.

yeah i know i'm a teenager too, so i know what is like to be loved by someone that has no blood relation( family relation pun bolleyyy) with us. we want to see them everyday, come at us, give them sweet little smile..... but that's just at the begining d0e. haha

seriously, at the begining haha xD

then, many conflicts will occur, testing us we are faithfull or not to our partner. n it's kinda big for teenagers that most of them still thinking
'oh bercinta itu indah',
'nak hidup semati dgn die'
'kita nanti kawen bnyk anak'
-----ok stop shaqir ur startin to thing different hehe, sorry can't help it haha-------

then u get FAILED for the test of love to him/her, some will say

'okay, whatever'---- fo those who think they are hotties.
'awwwh man, really want her'---- for those who is in the LOVE STATE MAN! haha
'okay, no more life, wanna die'----- really stupid people that do not have religious conciousness.

but overall, yes, love is good. love make us to be accompanied n make us always cherish the moments ^^

however, every person in this world will be given a chance, to be love, n give love.
so dun worry, we all have jodoh. however, we must search the jodoh.
search the jodoh when u finished SPM....
cuz of course, u dun wanna make a mistake,, REALLY BIG MISTAKE,right?
cuz of ur partner..cuz of the name of LOVE.

like my ustaz say, try say this to ur partner, ' i love u because I LOVE ALLAH'.

how many people would say that, huh?

introducing HARDWORK.

well, here are the knights of sains seremban. xD

from left, lotfi affandi, me, anas zain, rizuan hanfi, khalil mukhsin.

all of them are great, aim to be the best, target to achieve straight a+, (well, that's what we recite every day after finished our prayers).

to be or not to be,
to be the best or not to be the best,
to be the prey or not to be the prey,
to be the knights or not to be the knights.

well, it all depends on the word that is not surprisingly, what we did evryday, is HARDWORK.

to be or not to be, huh?

introducing me

assalamualaikum, ;D
well, this blog will be written either in eglish or in bahasamalaysia (BM).
just to improve my capability in writing in English, danmemartabatkan bahasa melayu yg kini semakin dirojakkan oleh org yg rojak!(yes i know i'm one of them) (stop it! HAHA)
ok i have two blogs, the other one is the old one, lastlyupdated last year, so i dun wan to u see it like, u c, anjakan paradigma? (paradigm shift)
-----yes i know what paradigm shift means n it is not suitable to use it -----

oryte! guess u wanna know me ryte? (haha just wannabethe star in my own blog xD)
my name is ahmad shaqir amin. just a ordinary, good-l00kingdude(sooo not true :F).
n now i'm studying in sekolah menengah sains seremban ;D
my dreams, is to be RICH!
BUT U must have been thinking, 'what? rich money ka?'
well, that's just one of them, at me, CONCEPTUALLY, RICH IS A JUST A GENERAL THING... i mean... u know, rich girldfriends, rich of knowledge, somthin like that. RICH CAN BE MANY THINGS. heeeee.
last but not least, every person in this world, must havedreams ryte? since i wrote 'dreams' not 'dream', well here's the shortlistof my DREAMS.

1. i want to get straight a's in SPM. i hope to getstraight A+, however, only the most of the clever ones who will obtain it, however, i believe evryone has their own shot to get the y would not i dream to get it, ryte? hehe. xD

2. i want to get the scholarships. cuz i wann to go to the overseas. well every student wants. i hope i can get it. well, the competitions are getting higher these days. hope can excel n emerge to be the lucky ones.XD

3. i want to be leader. yes, i know that every personis a leader. but i want to polish my leadership, to lead people. every school i enter i dreamed to be a prefect. cuz..... i believe that i have the capability to become a leader. sumday, maybe, the leader of all leaders. insyaallah.

4. i want to be stylisjh. yes i know i maybe a nerd lookingperson, but, who might know i may turn out to be a stylish, gentleman? haha....this is just a dream. of course, i will not underg0e plasticsurgery, justbuying clothes that suits me, hoping to be attractive?HAHA.

on top of all of this, i hope that, sumday this all will be adream come true. but we just only to manage to plan, ALLAH THE MIGHTIEST THAT CAN CHOOSE for me to succed or fail.
but from every dream, i must be a hadworking person,then insyaallah it may be come true. :D

that's all for now.

----the end----